Paycent Tutorial: Receive Digital Assets Using Paycent

 August 9, 2018

  Receiving Digital Assets from your family and friends can be done with just a few taps.   Watch the video below to know how:

You can share your wallet address or QR code to Receive Digital Assets from Paycent and non-Paycent users within your country or outside your country.    1. Login to your Paycent account.  2. Tap “Digital Wallet” tab then “Receive” icon from the dashboard screen.  3. Tap “Share” button to copy or share your wallet address through email or SMS or scan QR code  4. If your wallet address is expiring in 20 minutes, we strongly advise for you to wait for the new wallet address to be generated.   Note: The wallet address shown on your receive screen is only valid for 3hrs.   Start enjoying this feature today!   Download the Paycent Hybrid App now and order your very own Paycent Card!  

 Together we will bridge the gap between digital assets and fiat!    
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 Jenine Bufi    August 9, 2018

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