PYN C37 Staking Rewards

Enjoy staking rewards for your PYN-C37 while HODLing for other Paycent benefits.

Get regular staking rewards for your PYN-C37 on your app easily. Earn staking rewards for maintaining as low as 10,000 PYN-C37 on your Paycent App for 30 consecutive days.

Taking a premium in transparency and trackability.

Easily track your staking rewards progress through the Paycent App. Staking rewards values are based on the Binance DEX through API.

Gain massive returns for staking PYN-C37.

Obtain a 10% staking reward which will be credited to your US SIP balance on the Paycent App.

PYN-C37 Staking Made Easy with Unimaginable Returns

Important notes:

PYN-C37 balances will be recorded after each full day.

Actual staking rewards will be dependent to the HODL amount and PYN-C37 USD value on the Binance DEX.

Previous whole day reward computation will be shown on the dashboard.

You can stake your PYN-C37 tokens

Option 1

By having your PYN-C37 on the PYN-C37 wallet address on the Paycent App. If you have insufficient PYN-C37 in the app, you can purchase more at Binance DEX:

Option 2

By transferring your PYN-C37 from an external wallet or exchange to the PYN-C37 wallet address on the Paycent App.

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