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 May 31, 2017

Mobile wallets are continuously being used today. More and more people are finding out that this innovation can help make their lives easier. Not only in terms of convenience but in comfort as well. Incorporating mobile wallets in your daily life can improve your lifestyle when it comes to sending money or paying bills. But it doesn’t just stop there with Paycent.


If you haven’t heard of mobile wallets, it’s about time you know more about it. What if there’s an app that can cater to your needs? What if there’s a mobile wallet that allows you to maximise your time? Wouldn’t it be such a big change in your daily habit?

Experience convenience like no other with Paycent. It is a wallet application that aims to deliver a seamless payment process for customers and merchants alike across countries. Paycent offers numerous features that can be used anytime and anywhere.

Send funds real time with this application. This feature allows you to be on the go. No need to go to remittance centers, wait on long lines and experience the hassle of commuting. With Paycent, a few taps are all it takes.

Sending funds isn’t the only feature you can enjoy, you can pay bills as well. Be it for electricity, phone bills, cable, etc. – Paycent got you covered. No need to rush on your meetings, or late night trips to payment centers with the hope that it’s still open. With this app, you can track your expenses for your utilities. Your transaction history will indicate when was the last time you paid your bills. Paycent offers convenience like no other.

Mobile wallets of today aim to make life easier. You can stay in the comfort of your home and allot your time to what truly matters.


Get ready for the app for your needs! Stay tuned for more exciting features which Paycent offers!

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 Jenine Bufi    May 31, 2017

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