Paycent Token Sale is Now Divided in 8 Phases

 November 10, 2017

Paycent has been listening to its community and advisors. To improve the way Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are usually done, the Token Sale is now divided into 8 phases. By breaking it down into phases, token holders can track their progress Phase-to-Phase before contributing. This is also a means to provide and show Paycent’s progress regarding the milestones that has been set.

The founders and the team behind Paycent firmly believes that by dividing the Token Sale into phases, it provides accountability and transparency. The team wants to offer the best application out there that can cater to both digital asset and fiat needs.

All PYN Token holders will get preferential rights to participate in all upcoming phases, along with additional bonuses that will be over-and-above to what is being offered via public sale.

Preferential right is the option offered to current PYN token holders to participate in upcoming token sale phases with a bonus prior to the sale being open to the public. This sale to current PYN token holders will be open 48 hours prior to the public sale.

Paycent is focused on offering convenience like no other through the dual ewallet. So what are the Phases you should look forward to?

Phase 1 (2nd November 2017)

• To secure remittance license in Singapore and initiate global remittance operations
• Launch of Paycent Debit Cards Worldwide (except sanctioned countries)
• Launch of Fiat and digital currencies Dual Wallet
• Building of abstraction layer and integration with exchanges

Phase 2 (Last week of May 2018)

• Integration with
• Acquiring licenses and expansion to 5 countries – Vietnam, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal
• Launch of mPOS
• M&A of Philippines bank and developing a credit rating system for microfinancing

Phase 3 (2nd week of November 2018)

• Expansion to GCC countries
• Acquiring EMI license for EU
• Piloting of microloan

Phase 4 (Last week of May 2019)

• Onboard 30 real estate developers to use PYN as payment mode for rentals
• Development of API integration with institutions, hotels, and retail/ecommerce for Paycent mPOS
• Expansion to EU and commence operations for mPOS
• Developing of Paycent Exchange with Central Bank of UAE on remittance

Phase 5 (2nd week of November 2019)

• Expansion to African Sub-Continent, South and Central America
• Expansion to USA and Canada

Phase 6 (Last week of May 2020)

• Develop Unified Digital Payments network for banking and government services in the Middle East
• Acquiring licenses for CIS remittance network and plug and play Paycent services including microloans

Phase 7 (2nd week of November 2020)

• Land acquisition and development of Asian Blockchain Institute of Technology (ABIT)

Phase 8 (Last week of May 2021)

• Invest in R&D in blockchain targeting aviation, logistics and distribution

The Paycent whitepaper is available with more details.

 Jenine Bufi    November 10, 2017

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