Paycent has partnered with Dash!

 June 7, 2018


Paycent, a game changer in the financial technology industry, has partnered with Dash, a digital cash you can spend anytime or anywhere with instant transactions and micro-fees.

And in order to celebrate this partnership, there will be no fees to purchase Dash for a limited time only.

Paycent aims to bridge the gap between digital assets and fiat; and now with Dash it is now possible. You can get your Paycent wallet on the Apple App store, Google play store or read all about it here on the Paycent website.

Dash is the quickest, cheapest, and most user-friendly payment-focused digital asset in the world. Dash transactions are easy to make, fast, secure and seamless throughout the Dash ecosystem

Dash is now available on the Paycent Hybrid App. It allows you to seamlessly move across digital assets and fiat. You can manage, transfer, and pay using your smartphone easily and securely.

Read some of the testimonials from Paycent Users:

“Worth the wait and professionally made. Features are straightforward and very easy to navigate. Can’t wait for the mass adoption – bridging digital assets and real world.”
– Mukesh Sekar

“Definitely a game changer, less transaction fees across borders for digital assets to fiat conversion. Love it!”
– Brandon Too

“A must have if you trade digital assets. The App is easy to use and provides digital assets lifestyle convenience.”
– D’ Hustle

Paycent and Dash offer you the convenience and comfort of not having to worry about your transactions.

Start enjoying this feature today!

Download Paycent Hybrid App Now!

Together, we will bridge the gap between digital assets and fiat!

We are dedicated to deliver fully integrated mobile applications and providing an unparalleled online experience to Asia and the world. To stay updated with latest news about Paycent, read our blog.


Dash is the leading e-commerce and payments-focused digital currency, and the rising alternative to bitcoin. With over 1000% year over year growth in trading volume since 2015, Dash is one of the few digital currencies offering safe, decentralized financial solutions to real world problems. Dash offers a form of money that is portable, inexpensive, divisible, and fast. It can be spent easily and instantly online at merchants across the globe, at much lower fees than credit and debit cards. With over 50 members on the development team and a unique blockchain mining and treasury model, Dash is the only major self-funded, self-governed organization in the cryptocurrency industry. This allows for constant development and funding for the entire project so community members can upload and vote on proposals, and if they are approved, they are paid for directly from the blockchain. Dash plans to unveil their landmark product Dash Evolution, the industry’s first easy to use decentralized payments platform in 2018.

 Jenine Bufi    June 7, 2018

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