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 August 1, 2018

Paycent has had a lot of milestones lately and we want to share it with you.
We have been active in South Korea, Japan and UK recently.
South Korea
We met with Crypto Harbor and had a discussion with people who showed great interest in our products.
Crypto Harbor is a Japan based crypto exchange platform where the economic activities will happen using their CHE tokens.
Paycent have collaborated with Crypto Harbour to integrate CHE into the Paycent App. Users will be able to convert CHE tokens to SIP US within the Paycent app.
See some of our pictures below:


United Kingdom
The Dash team included Paycent in their presentation at the UK Parliament on 22nd July 2018. Mark Mason (Dash International Outreach Coordinator) discussed the great benefits users can get from the Paycent-Dash Partnership. Users can transact with Dash with no hassle, anytime and anywhere.
Listen to what Dash has to say about the Paycent App and Paycent Card during their speech at the UK Parliament. It’s time for you to enjoy your digital asset with no hassle. Watch the video below to learn more:

Our marketing efforts can be seen at Suzuka 8 Tai Festival. Suzuka Circuit is the first full-scale international racing course in Japan. The Suzuka 8 Tai Festival will be held from Thursday to Sunday, 26th July 2018 – 29th July 2018. The Paycent logo can be seen on MotoGP Suzuka. See some of the images below:

We are dedicated to deliver fully integrated mobile applications and providing an unparalleled online experience to Asia and the world. To stay updated with latest news about Paycent, read our blog.

 Jenine Bufi    August 1, 2018

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