It’s Time to HODL

 September 17, 2018

It’s the best time to HODL because we are giving you thrilling news on our new Paycent Whitepaper. Hodling is a term which originated in 2013 with a post on the bitcointalk forum. Hodling is a misspelled version of “hold” that refers to by-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Great and exciting benefits await you when you hold a certain amount of PYN tokens! See the tier-based table below:

There are Cashback offers as well. Use PYN tokens to pay for the transaction fee charged on converting US SIP to digital asset and get 50% off on the transaction fee. When paying with PYN tokens, the transaction fee within the Paycent App will be 0.75% instead of the standard 1.5%.

In line with this, we offer Loyalty Rewards to users who hold PYNs in their Paycent wallet.

Know more about it on our website and whitepaper.

Download the Paycent Hybrid App now and order your very own Paycent Card!

We are dedicated to deliver fully integrated mobile applications and providing an unparalleled online experience to Asia and the world. To stay updated with latest news about Paycent, read our blog.

 Jenine Bufi    September 17, 2018

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