1. What is Paycent?

    Paycent is a financial platform powered by Texcent, a Singapore-based company dedicated to deliver fully integrated mobile applications. Paycent aims to be the global leader for complete mobile and cashless transactions. Paycent runs on an entirely virtual channel and is comprised of two apps: one for users and one for merchants. We offer both users and merchants a secure and convenient digital payment platform so you can send and receive funds, shop and pay bills without using cash or credit cards.

  2. What is Paycent mobile wallet?

    Paycent is a mobile wallet that enables users to exchange among multiple currencies seamlessly. The Paycent mobile wallet is a game changer as it enables users to store, transfer, and pay using multiple currencies through their smartphone or physical Paycent debit card across 200 countries and 36 million merchants.

  3. What makes Paycent a Promising App?

    Paycent mobile app was launched on 21st of August 2017. To cater the widest target market across countries offering:

    • Multiplatform wallet
      • IOS app
      • Android app
      • Web browser
      • SMS
    • Multi-market features for different countries
      • Asia
      • Middle East
      • America
    • Enabled cross-border payments at a lower cost for customers
      • Cross Border Send or Request Fund for Users
      • Cross Border Pay for Users
      • Cross Border Split Bill for Users
      • Cross Border Bills Payment for Merchants

  4. How does Paycent works?

    Paycent can help you live a comfortable and convenient life through its features and functionalities.

    • Send / Request Funds – This feature allows users to send and request funds from other Paycent users anytime and anywhere.
    • Top Up – This enables users to pay for their prepaid utilities: Mobile load, electricity, cable, and water.
    • Split Bill – This allows friends and families to share the bill of goods and/or service using their Paycent credits.
    • Pay Merchants – The feature enables users to pay for good and/or services from Partner merchants.
    • Add Funds – This feature allows users to add credits to their Paycent account through their bank account, credit card, and over the counter cash thru partner banks and merchants.
    • Cash Out – This allows users to cash out their Paycent credits through partner banks and merchants
    • Bills Payment – This feature allows users to pay for their utilities even across borders.

  5. What digital currency can I use to purchase?

    As a user you can use any of the following third party digital wallets: Mist, MetaMask, Parity, imToken or myEtherWallet to store purchased digital assets.

  6. What is a Token Sale?

    A token sale is a relatively new way of raising funds versus traditional fundraising methods and allows our community to participate in the success of the mobile wallet platform.

  7. What address should I send funds to?

    Our token sale address will never be sent via email. We will be releasing it today via 5 sources of proof

    (1) You will be able to look up Paycent.eth on which uses the Ethereum Naming Service for complete security. This will be our token sale address

    (2) We will tweet on our official Twitter account;

    (3) A video recording of us reading our wallet address

    (4) Our official contribute page

    Do not send any funds to any address other than the one listed above. Please send after you have cross-checked at least 3 of these sources of proof.

  8. What is the minimum amount to participate in Paycent’s Token Sale?

    There is 15 PYN minimum which is equivalent to 0.025 ETH

  9. What are the PYN Token sale terms?

    Full PYN Token sales are listed on the Whitepaper.

  10. When will I receive my PYN?

    PYN tokens will be minted and distributed after our token sale.

  11. Why is my Purchase not completing?

    There may be several reasons why the purchase has not gone through, it may be a low Gas or miner fee that will take a longer time to complete.

  12. When will you start paying out the 33% rewards?

    We are targeting 2nd quarter of 2018 as our first disbursement, there may be some delay due to development and testing of backend systems. It should be noted that when the 1st disbursement occurs, the amount will be calculated retroactively to launch of the services with rewards attached.

  13. Can I get on your whitelist?

    Our management has taken a decision not to have a whitelist but open our ICO to the community, we deem this to be the fairest way to distribute our tokens and not have a small pool of tokens holders controlling majority of the coins.

    If you wish to participate, our Pre-ICO starts on the 12th of October 2017 and ICO starts on the 2nd of November 2017.

  14. What is the breakdown if you do not hit your hard cap?

    We will do these activities based on the percentage reached, we will then slowly apply the rest as our Profit and Loss (P&L) allows it.

    50%   Abstraction layer

    60%   9 Countries expansion

    70%   Expansion into Africa

    80%   Exchange in Dubai

    90%   Merger of 2 banks in PH

  15. Where should I store my PYN tokens?

    For long term storage, we strongly recommend using a private ERC20 enable wallet in which you can control and backup your private key.

    Paycent recommend the following wallets:

    (1) Mist

    (2) MetaMask

    (3) Parity

    (4) imToken

    (5) MyEtherWallet

  16. Do I have to store my PYN tokens in the Paycentos Wallet?

    You do not need to hold our PYN tokens in Paycentos wallet, there is no addition benefits in doing so. Our list of recommended wallets here.

  17. Which exchanges currently list PYN Tokens?

    We will send an update once this is available, we target within 2 weeks of ICO close date.

  18. What is required to check out the PYN token contract?

    It should be automatic but if your PYN tokens are not visible on your ERC20 enabled wallet, you need to add it manually.

    Please follow the steps below


    (1) Address: Click here to view

    (2) Token Symbol: PYN

    (3) Token Name: Paycentos Token

    (4) Decimals: Click here to view

  19. I followed the instructions above but I still don’t see my Tokens?

    Reach out to the Paycent team at and provide us with as much information as possible to help you resolve it.

  20. How can I buy PYN?

    You need to participate in Paycent Token Sale using Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. You may use any of the following digital currency wallets to contribute: Mist, MetaMask, Parity, imToken or MyEtherWallet. Check out our How-to-Contribute page.

  21. How much can I contribute?

    Each participant will be allowed to make multiple purchases during crowd sale.

  22. Why can’t I find PYN on exchanges?

    It will be listed after ICO, starting Q2 2018.

  23. Will PYN be traded at exchanges?

    It will be listed after ICO, starting Q2 2018.

  24. Is there a bounty program?

    Yes, you can find more information about it here.

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