1. What is Paycent?

    Paycent is a financial platform dedicated to deliver fully integrated mobile applications. Paycent aims to be the global leader for complete mobile and cashless transactions.

  2. What is Paycent mobile wallet?

    Paycent is a mobile wallet that enables users to exchange among multiple digital assets seamlessly. The Paycent mobile wallet is a game changer as it enables users to manage, transfer, and pay using multiple digital assets through your smartphone or physical Paycent Card across 200 countries and 36 million merchants.

  3. What makes Paycent a Promising App?

    • Multiplatform wallet
      • IOS app
      • Android app
    • Features & Functionalities
      • Send or Receive Digital Assets
      • Request Digital Assets
      • Cash In
      • Cash Out
      • Convert

  4. How does Paycent works?

    Paycent can help you live a comfortable and convenient life through its features and functionalities.

    • Send or Receive Digital Assets – This feature allows users to send and receive digital assets from other Paycent users and external digital wallets anytime and anywhere.
    • Request Digital Assets – This features enables users to request digital assets from other Paycent users wherever they may be.
    • Cash In – This feature allows users to add credits to their Paycent account through Visa, MasterCard, Alipay, UnionPay, and WeChatPay.
    • Cash Out – This feature enables users to cash out their Paycent credits anytime through Paycent Card.
    • Convert – This feature allows users to convert digital assets to fiat with low conversion rates.

  5. Which exchanges currently list PYN Tokens?


  6. What is required to check out the PYN token contract?

    It should be automatic but if your PYN tokens are not visible on your ERC20 enabled wallet, you need to add it manually.

    Please follow the steps below:

    (1) Address: Click here to view

    (2) Token Symbol: PYN

    (3) Token Name: Paycentos Token

    (4) Decimals: Click here to view

  7. I followed the instructions above but I still don’t see my Tokens?

    Reach out to the Paycent team at and provide us with as much information as possible to help you resolve it.

  8. How can I buy PYN?

    You can buy PYN tokens from the Exchanges listed above and through Paycent Hybrid App.

  9. Is there a bounty program?

    Yes, you can find more information on our social media channels.

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