Exciting Features and Advantages of the Paycent Sapphire Card

 August 6, 2019

Paycent has now released and made available three Paycent Cards that will suit your lifestyle and needs. These cards are key to cryptocurrency mass adoption as it gives users the capabilities to purchase online, withdraw local currencies at ATMs and do in-store purchases. All of this you could do with much convenience through the Paycent Sapphire Card. Discover the Paycent Sapphire Card and its amazing features.
Nowadays, people are looking for ways to spend their digital assets with real-time accessibility and convenience. The Paycent Sapphire Card will help users achieve these.
Here are the advantages you could enjoy in having your very own Paycent Sapphire Card:
1) Instant real-time top-ups
2) Fast KYC approval in two working days
3) Virtual card for online purchases
4) Immediately top-up the virtual card after KYC approval
5) Physical card delivery through DHL
You could check more of its advantages when you order the Paycent Sapphire Card. Get yours now when you download the Paycent App.


 Kirby dela Cruz    August 6, 2019

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