How to Add PYN Tokens to Your Ether Wallet

 December 21, 2017

Adding PYN tokens to your Ether wallet is easy. Follow this step by step guide.
Copy and paste our Token Contract Address: 0x0142C3B2fC51819B5aF5dFc4AA52Df9722790851

Reminder: PYN tokens will only be distributed to ERC20 wallets, best example is MyEtherWallet
Step 1: Go to and access your wallet
Step 2: Scroll down and click on the ADD CUSTOM TOKEN button
Step 3: Enter this Token Contract Address: 0x0142C3B2fC51819B5aF5dFc4AA52Df9722790851
Step 4: Double check if it is the right Token Symbol. Paycent token symbol is PYN.
Step 5: Input 18 as the decimals of precision
Step 6: Double check all the information you’ve provided then click SAVE.

To check if the Custom Token was added to the list, click the LOAD TOKENS button. You will usually see it at the bottom of the list. Once the PYN tokens are distributed, you will see the overall amount you’ve contributed or received thru the referral program besides the PYN token symbol.

For ICO Contributors, the distribution of your PYN tokens is ongoing (December 2017).
For Bounty Participants, the distribution of your PYN tokens starts on Q1 of 2018.


 Jenine Bufi    December 21, 2017

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